How To Cool A Grow Tent Using Air Conditioner

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When you decide to use a grow tent for your gardening, you need to understand clearly how to control the environment. One of the basic and most important things to consider is the temperature inside the grow room.  Lets learn how to achieve go about this.

Air Conditioner

Importance of regulating the temperature

Grow tents involve creating an environment similar to an outside one for your plants. It is all about giving your plants all the necessary things they get from the environment.

From light to temperature, soil to fertilizer considerations, all these make a grow tent a great gardening experience. It is one of the most preferred green gardening methods today.

The main reason why people use indoor gardening is lack of enough space outdoor. Grow tent gardening is not the same as green houses though. Many people get confused about the two methods.

A grow tent is more advantageous because it gives you the ability to manipulate all conditions to your liking. It allows you give your plants maximum benefits. In return, you get a lot of harvest from a small place.

Regulating the temperature keeps your plants alive!

 Depending on your preference, you can have as many grow rooms as you like. Some people like one big grow room, while others will rather go for two or more small tents.

grow tent

What causes air to increase?

In all these situations, lighting is very important. There are different kinds of lighting systems made specifically for grow tents.

Light causes heat. And the last thing you want is your plants withering and dying out because of too much heat. You need a good temperature control tools in place.

And that is where a grow tent ac unit comes in. The unit may come together with the lighting system, or you can buy/create you home at home separately. The bottom line is, it is something you don’t want to miss in your system.

How to use the air conditioner

A lot of people find themselves in dilemma on how to use the ac. It becomes an even bigger headache during the hot season – summer. Sometimes it becomes so bad that some gardeners may decide to postpone the whole process until summer passes by.

But it does not have to be thus for you. You can use a portable air conditioner for this process. Here is how.

Step 1: Get the right AC system

A good choice for an ac is not going to be easy. Now that you have so many things to consider, it goes beyond portability. The best ac for grow tent has the following features.

The brand

Every home gardener is faithful for particular brands. However, it is not just about brand loyalty. Newer machines are coming up to take over old electrics.

For this reason, consider the features that are present in the item you are purchasing. Even if the brand is big, you still need to get your on the ideal conditioner.

The type

There are three main types of ACs for grow rooms. They include portable, split and window AC. This is a very important choice to make for the value of your money.

Seasons Energy Efficiency ratio (SEER)

Some people know it as the EER and it means the standard for measuring energy consumption. No one wants to buy and AC system that consumes a lot of power. Buy the ac that has a higher rating because in the end, the output should be higher than the input.

Check the filter

One of the major causes of death to plants in a grow room is toxicity. This is why all ac systems come with filters to ensure plants are getting clean air.

Even so, there are some filters that may not give good service, therefore be careful to put this into consideration.

The control system

There are a lot of improvements in modern air conditioners. One of them is auto-control features that a lot of people overlook. It is important to confirm that the feature is there and is working properly. Check for things like timers that you can use to set when the ac comes on and when it goes off. You don’t need to keep coming on site to do this.

Proper ventilation features

The main purpose of an air conditioner is providing maximum air supply and cools the plants. This means, air flow is very important. Get and AC that has adjustable airspaces that allow for maximum air flow.

Compatibility with other electrical tools

Consider things such as, voltage input/output, power coders and plugs. These are crucial in the compatibility and usefulness of your ac. If you don’t handle this, you may find yourself with something you cannot use.

The warranty

The ac you buy may be faulty. You will only realize this once you start using it. This is why the warranty is one vital component of such products. This will take care of repairs and maintenance and repairs for the period stated.

Step 2: Install

Once you are sure this is the right item, the next step is to install. Make sure you have checked all the requirements properly and use the instructions book. Installing is very easy.  Before that, here are the prerequisites:

  • It should be a near a power source. Manufacturers discourage using extensions codes.
  • Keep it away from children
  • Place it is a well ventilated area
  • Check the user manual.

Step 3: Set it right

Temperature and humidity are the two vital conditions you want to set right in your grow tent. This means you must learn the needs of your plants and set the appropriately.

Set the system to automatic application to avoid forgetting to turn it on. This will also give you a chance to do other things.


Using the air conditioner is the best way to keep the temperature of your grow tent under control. Using it correctly is therefore key to getting the most out of it. One can never overlook how much plants rely on proper temperature and humidity. The instructions and ideas shared above should be enough to get you started.


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