12 Tips for Gardening in Grow Tents

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If you have a small outdoor space yet you love gardening, using grow tents is the best option. They have become a very common method people use today to get fresh farm produce.

Grow tents are very convenient in every manner. If you do it right, there are a lot of benefits you can reap from them. It is not only the best way to save on groceries, but it’s a perfect method for healthy eating.

The problem is, most people don’t really know where to begin. Even if you have the space, there are things you need to put into consideration.

For instance, you need the best plants, the best grow tent humidifier, and a great source of inspiration among other. And you are at the right place to get all these insights. We are going to share great tips to get you started.

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Understand your priorities

In other words, you need to have a plan. Understand the importance of the whole process both on a personal level and an economic level as well.

Gardening is all about passion. Even though many people do it as a secondary activity, it is still something that needs motivation. You have to want to do it.

If you have no interest in what you are doing, then everything else becomes a by the way. You will not be concerned fully about what happens to your garden.

Choose a good location

This is one of the reasons a plan is very vital. A grow tent may require special attention from you. The location you choose should be especially dedicated for at least a few months.

Set your garden in an area you can access easily. Where you can bring in all the requirements like light and all other staff with ease.

The electrical circuit you choose should be able to handle all the power needs of your grow room. Therefore go for something strong enough.

Accidents and spills are inevitable. They can happen when you least expect. This is why you are advised to avoid setting the grow room over carpets and wooden floors.

Allow for enough room to grow

Just because you are putting the garden indoors, it does not mean that now you have to squeeze your space tight. Remember that this is just like your garden outside that needs to expand.

There is more space needed than just the garden itself. For instance, keep in mind a place to store equipments. Besides, some plants need a lot of space to grow and expand.

Things like ballast for your lighting system, a reservoir, the ac unit, and many others require enough storage. Arrange you room in such a manner that it gives you good access to each of these items.  You have to tent over the plants for a few weeks before the harvest is ready. That will require good spacing.

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You can use 2 grow tents

Grow tents perform best according to their sizes. If you think one large tent will be a problem for you, then go ahead and use one small and one medium size tents.

Two tents enable you to grow plants on a scale that you can manage with ease. It adds versatility when you are growing short-days plants. Set one tent for summer and the other one for fall. The aim here is to get your harvest spread over different periods.

You will have farm produce all year round. When you are preparing one, the other will be ready for harvest.

One big tent is still ok

There are some gardening techniques that are only suitable for single tent gardening. They include Nutrition Film Technique, and other hydroponic methods. In essence, these methods are applicable where the plants are not easily moved. They spend most all their time in adjusted conditions environment.

Canopy control is achieved with ease when all plants are in the same place.

The way you plan your gardening greatly impacts what comes out. You can make is easy and enjoyable, or really hard.

Check the quality

Do you have the best humidifier for grow tent and grow room? Are you sure of the stability and the frame?

When buying a grow tent, do not be in a hurry to get just anything that is presented before you. Take time to inspect is clearly. The questions above should not leave any room for doubt in your mind. Pay attention to the front zipper and you will use this most frequently.

Check different venting options

Now that you have established the quality of your tent, what venting options do you have? There are some access codes that are not clear at the beginning.

Consider things like running cors, venting or irrigation plumbing among others. The more the options you have, the better.

Read the instructions carefully

This is one part that is most challenging for many people. They are too focused on making plants grow in the tent that they forget to read the instructions.

During the assembly, take your time to go through every little detail. Do not be in a hurry to finish. If anything happens on the tent due to your mistake, you will lose the warranty.

Get some meters

Since you are in the same room, or perhaps a different one – whatever the case, you will need to check on the plants from time to time. Get a thermometer, a humidity meter and any other important tool that will ensure the environment is safe for both the plants and your family.

Get the right light for your room

Lighting should match the size of your room. This will ensure proper cooling ability, considering lights many increase the temperature in your tent.

Get some handy hangers

It is easy to get some light-duty carabineers and things like that. They are often found in camping sites and can be a great plus in supporting your tent.

Follow the rules

In every state, there are rules and regulations for using grow rooms. For instance, find the right kind of plants for your tent.

Aside from that, keep your grow tent under optimal environment. As mentioned above, safety comes first, for your plants and the people you live with.

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